Thanksgiving Sale Alert!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Simone Lerwick 0 Comments

Were you waiting for a sale to happen? Wait no more. This week, in preparation of Thanksgiving, Eternalsparkles is holding a sale! Beatboxes please.


On November 16 – 22, Eternalsparkles will be giving their customers something to be thankful for. Just in time for everyone to buy their gifts for their special someone, they can now get something extra special as well. For every $50 of purchases, you can get a free pair of cubic zirconia earrings! Yes, an extra something to give to your wife, girlfriend or daughter to top their day. By using the coupon code – “Giving”, you can avail of this promo.

So, to help you make the cut for that extra pair of earrings, here are some fashion jewelry ideas.

1. Necklace and earring sets are usually bought together because they can be easily partnered with a specific outfit. However, when the time comes that you can only get 1 pair of free earrings, you’ll need something to even out your accessories.
  • This Reine de Violettes Crystal necklace is a perfect addition to a simple, but elegant outfit. In this beautiful necklace, you get bezel-set amethyst stones sitting inside a border of elegant golden chains. Sounds expensive? Not really. This beautiful jewelry only costs $24.99. It won’t get you your earrings just yet, but it’s a good start. Did you know amethyst stones are known to protect travelers in their journey?
  • But because one necklace isn't enough for a free CZ earring, you might want to get a romantic Heritage tennis bracelet as well. Because your necklace is made out of gold, it’ll look perfect with this tennis bracelet. Since it has cubic zirconia in it as well, it’ll look perfect with your CZ earrings. This bracelet is adorned with cubic zirconia stones set within the chain of this gold-plated bracelet. Classic, stylish and truly beautiful, this bracelet costs $29.99, just enough to make your $50 cut and receive a pair of free CZ earring.
2. On the other hand, if you’re not too keen with making a set of your own, you can always get something to simply compliment your earrings. Tracey’s Radiant Sun pendant necklace is beautiful and simply stunning to look at. This beautiful piece of jewelry features a sun-shaped pendant within a set of clear cut cubic zirconia stones. This necklace will look great with any black dress or dark-colored outfits. Wear with the free CZ earring by adding another jewelry to your cart.

3. Here’s another idea for your CZ earrings. Wear it on your wedding day! Partner your earrings with a beautiful sterling silver 11-carat sized ring on your finger. Set on top of a sterling silver band is a huge cubic zirconia ring to match it. It’s beautiful, similar to the earrings and it’ll look great with any dress you wear.