Jewelry for a Sophisticated You

Thursday, November 22, 2012 Simone Lerwick 1 Comments

For many people, appearance is everything. In order to look presentable to family and friends, they have to look sophisticated and elegantly groomed. While you can easily achieve this with expensive clothes and make up, it might be a little confusing to know which jewelry will make you look your best. So in formal events where you need to dress up, here’s a little tip on choosing the kind of fashion jewelry to wear for the night.

Jewelry for a Sophisticated You
1. Pearls. If you truly want to achieve the “rich and sophisticated” look, there’s nothing better than a good set of pearls. Once upon a time, pearls were owned by only the rich people. Whenever they went out to town, they had to wear their best pearls to look beautiful. Today, pearls may not be as expensive, but they still give women the boost to look beautiful and sophisticated. The good thing about pearls is that you can easily turn a casual dress into formal attire just by wearing the pearl jewelry sets. Besides, pearls are great with little black dresses.


2. Anything sparkly. Sparkles can turn everything dull into something bright. If you wear a sparkly jewelry set, you can turn any ordinary outfit to something people will envy. However, do be careful in choosing the type of sparklers to wear. Bling-blings aren't always called sophisticated unless you can carry the style well. Diamond rings and silver make a really good team. But if you don’t want to buy diamonds, you can always settle for cubic zirconia jewelry that looks almost like a diamond, without the hefty price tag. Do be cautious in choosing the outfit to wear your sparklers with. Dresses and formal gowns always look great with diamond jewelry, but if you’re on the casual side, it may look awkward or seemingly out of place.

3. Nothing too sparkly and big. Then again, in choosing the jewelry to wear, you should avoid accessories that will make you sparkle like Edward from Twilight. Only he can pull off that look and still get teenage girls fawning over him. If you wear jewelry that sparkles too much, your jewelry might end up looking too grand and eventually, people will notice your jewelry more than they’ll notice you. Avoid jewelry too big for your body as well. They don’t compliment your outfit and you’ll end up disappearing beyond the accessories you wear.

4. Avoid beads unless informal events. Beads can come across as cheap at some time. Be careful in choosing the beaded jewelry you wish to wear. Unless you’re going to a beach party or a pool party, you might as well choose pearls instead. Colorful beads are very effective when you wear them with beach clothes or the boho-chic look.

5. Gold. Some people choose to avoid gold because they tend to look dull against the sparkling front of silver. However, gold can be pretty impressive in certain outfits. Choose gold jewelry if you’re wearing dark colored outfits. Little black dresses, navy, dark green colors complement gold accessories well.

This tips will help you add a nice touch of elegance, sophistication with a touch of femininity so Dress to Ace the Corporate Ladder and administer this tips.


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